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Battle of Athens State Historic Site, Clark County, Missouri (August 2019)

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To prevent “ZOOM bombing,” ZOOM requires that the host admit each participant to the meeting.  From 6:45 to 7:00 pm, I admit participants, but once the talk begins at 7:00, the speaker becomes the host and it becomes difficult for them to monitor the room so that latecomers can be admitted.  I am sorry for members who were not able to join Bill Woodward’s talk, but request that if you want to attend the meeting, please join by 7:00 pm.  Thanks! (P.S. I’m open to suggestions on how we can solve this problem as I realize that sometimes folks cannot join by 7:00.)

Dick Miller

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March 2021 Newsletter – Go HERE

Some basics: our meetings are held monthly, September to May, conditions permitting, at the China Harbor Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. Menu selections include Mongolian beef, chicken, salmon, or vegetarian. Our meetings generally feature a guest speaker, with topics ranging across many viewpoints, and with expertise drawn from the academic and professional communities.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is threefold: to educate, to preserve, and to remember. We seek to inform ourselves and others about the American Civil War and its era. We seek to preserve heritage through local and national projects. We seek to remember those who struggled for their cause, especially those who helped to make the state of Washington the place it is today. In this endeavor, we seek the services of the most outstanding scholars of the world. If you would like to be a speaker for us, please contact us!

Our Board of Directors

Most of our officers are elected for two year terms. Many positions are available for volunteers. Check it out <<here>>.

Our Tentative Meeting Schedule for 2020-2021

Our initial meeting is scheduled for 10 September 2020 and will be on Zoom. If we are unable to meet in person, we will continue to have Zoom meetings. Here is our complete list for 2020-2021.

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